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“Develop the skills you need to build websites from scratch. Learn how to use HTML5, CSS3, javascript, and jquery together to build beautiful, fully functional, state-of-the-art websites. The web’s cornerstones are HTML CSS and JavaScript. These are the basic languages of every web page today, and all or variations of these core technologies are accessible on every website.

This course is perfect for anyone interested in learning about web design and web development. Knowing how to use these core technologies offers unlimited possibilities. This course will help you get started quickly and lay the basis for the basics of programming.”

Course Duration

3 months 30-36 Classes

Course Fee

8000 BDT

Key Features:

Contents of training:

  • Creating a New Photoshop Document
  • Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar – Part 1
  • Photoshop Environment: The Toolbar – Part 2
  • Photoshop Environment: Palettes
  • Photoshop Environment: The Menu
  • Photo Enhancement & Manipulation
  • Files and Folders
  • Downloading Web Pages
  • Editing Code
  • Zipping Folders
  • Designers Lounge: The Web Development Process
  • Zipping folders and Submitting Work
  • HTML Fundamentals, First Webpage, Course Files
  • The Basics of HTML: Tags, Attributes, Elements
  • Basic File & Folder Structure of a Website
  • Your Must Have Tool: A Good Code Editor
  • Hello World: Create Your Very First Web Page!
  • HTML Tags, Code a Real Web Page
  • Basic Structure of an HTML Document
  • Heading & Paragraph Tags
  • Using Emphasis & Strong Emphasis
  • Hyperlinks
  • Lists
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • HTML Entities & “Special Characters”
  • HTML Project: Code a Basic Web Page
  • Advanced HTML Techniques, HTML5
  • IDs & Classes
  • Span & Div Tags
  • Intro to HTML5 Tags: Header, Footer, Nav, Section, Article, Aside & Time
  • HTML5 Project: Build a Basic HTML5 Web Page
  • Essentials of CSS + Download Course Files
  • What is CSS? All the basics you need to know!
  • Inheritance of Styles
  • Measurements & The Box Model
  • Inline CSS
  • Internal CSS
  • External CSS
  • ID & Class Selectors
  • Descendant Selectors
  • Grouping Selectors
  • Specificity
  • CSS Project: Style an HTML Web Page
  • Colors
  • Text Styling & Formatting
  • Borders
  • Background Images
  • Styling Links
  • CSS Quiz
  • What is Javascript, The 80/20 Rule + Course Files Download
  • Internal & External Javascript
  • Basic Syntax of Javascript (and many other programming languages)
  • Javascript Output
  • Javascript Variables
  • Javascript Arrays
  • Javascript Functions
  • Javascript If / Else Statements
  • Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator
  • Javascript Project: Program a Tip Calculator, Part II
  • What is Responsive Design & Bootstrap?
  • Getting Started with Bootstrap
  • Quickly Prototype with the Free Examples
  • Understanding the Bootstrap Grid System
  • Responsive (and sexy) Forms
  • Responsive Tables, Buttons and Images
  • Helper Classes & Responsive Utilities
  • Using Glyphicons (Font Icons)
  • Bootstrap Navbar
  • Bootstrap Modal Window
  • Bootstrap ScrollSpy
  • Togglable Tabs
  • Sliding Carouse
  • Bootstrap Project: Startup Website, Part 2
  • Explore Bootstrap Elements
  • Downloading Bootstrap
  • Downloading a Bootstrap Example
  • Bootstrap Themes and the Parallax Effect
  • Reviewing the Example Code
  • Replacing Page Content
  • Customizing the Design
  • Designers Lounge: Framework or CMS
  • Additional Resources
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Creating Posts
  • CMS Security
  • Creating Pages
  • Working with Media
  • Themes and Widgets
  • Designers Lounge: E-commerce
  • Additional Resources
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