PHP & Laravel Custom Web Development Service


Laravel is the most popular PHP framework.   ChangeTech BD provides the best PHP framework training. Enhancing skill development in Web/Software Development platform is the main goal of this course. Besides, introducing with the industry-driven environment for ensuring the betterment of professional career. Nowadays most of the large-scale, robust web application is developed with Laravel, and it’s getting popularity in Bangladesh too.

Course Duration

3 months 30-36 Classes

Course Fee

10000 BDT

Key Features:

  • Learn to build applications using laravel.
  • You will learn how to create and use Controllers and what they are.
  • You will learn how to use routes.
  • How to connect and use Databases.
  • Database: Eloquent One to One and Many to Many – CRUD.
  • You will learn Github or version control.
  • You will learn to create a BULK functionality that you can use the CRUD on it.

Contents of Training:

  • Local Development Environment and Software Install
  • PHP Syntax, Tags, Variables, Superglobals, Constants, Operators.
  • if, Switch Statements
  • Loops –
  • while-do…while-for-break and continue.
  • Numeric array, Associative array, Multidimensional array.
  • Looping through Arrays.
  • Array Manipulation Functions
  • PHP Date and Time
  • FORM in PHP
  • PHP File Handling
  • PHP Session, Cookies
  • PHP and Ajax
  • Sending Email using mail()
  • Defining a class
  • Defining a Method, Properties
  • Access Control Modifiers, Data Access
  • Class Inheritance
  • Abstract Class, Final Class, Final Method, Interface.
  • PHP Traits, Static Keyword.
  • Namespace
  • Scalar type hints, Return type declarations, Anonymous classes, Closure:: call(), Generator Return Expressions, Generator delegation, null coalesce, operator, space ship operator Throwables and others.
  • Installing PHP development environment IDE install
  • Composer
  • Git
  • Creating a Laravel project
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Opening a project in the IDE
  • Laravel Structure Overview Routing
  • Middleware
  • Laravel Request Lifecycle
  • Controllers
  • Models
  • Views
  • Library
  • Helper
  • Artisan
  • Encryption
  • Session
  • Service Container, Facades
  • Master layout setup
  • Some more blade features
  • Home Page with Product Listing.
  • Search Product
  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout
  • Payment Method Integration (Paypal, Stripe)
  • Ajax
  • Vue JS
  • Create Admin Panel
  • Category Management Product Management Order Listing
  • User Role & Permission
  • Payment history
    • Reading Data
    • Reading / Finding with Constraints More ways to retrieve data
    • Inserting / Saving Data
    • Eloquent Relationship

    Project: Create a basic e-commerce site with Laravel.

  • Inserting data Reading Data
  • Updating Data Deleting Data
  • Joining Query
  • Environment configurations
  • Migrating
  • Creating migration and dropping them
  • Adding columns to existing tables using migrations
  • Some more migration commands
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