Video Editing and Motion Graphics Training


Our video editing and simple motion graphics can assist you in making a film, short film, or documentary in these online courses. Use popular video editing software such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop after Impact, Camtasia, Pro display Creator, VideoScribe and Wondershare Filmora, learn the art of video editing from our professional teachers. You will also learn how to assemble layer and image, apply video effects to your images, and model motion graphics such as title sequences, lower thirds, and text animations.

Course Duration

3 months 30-36 Classes

Course Fee

8000 BDT

Key Features:

  • Efficiently use all the editing tools in Premiere Pro CC – The right tools with right techniques at the right place and time.
  • Design clean and professional titles for you videos.
  • Color corrects your video to fix issues with white balance and exposure.
  • Add motion to your titles, photos, and videos
  • Edit green screen footage and, add backgrounds that actually look good.
  • Create full Motion Graphics Videos in After Effects
  • Export and save your videos for HD playback.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll have edited your own short documentary using either the supplied footage

Contents of Training:

■ Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro
■ Expanding the workflow
■ Touring the Adobe Premiere Pro interface

■ setting up a project
■ Setting up a sequence

■ Importing assets
■ Working with the Media Browser
■ Importing images
■ The media cache

■ The Project panel
■ Working with bins
■ Organizing media with content analysis
■ Monitoring footage
■ Modifying clips

■ What are transitions?
■ Edit points and handles
■ Adding video transitions
■ Using A/B mode to fine-tune a transition
■ Adding audio transitions

■ Adjusting the Motion effect
■ Changing clip position, size, and rotation
■ Working with keyframe interpolation
■ Using other motion-related effects

■ Setting up the interface to work with audio
■ Examining audio characteristics
■ Adjusting audio volume
■ Adjusting audio gain
■ Normalizing audio
■ Creating a split edit
■ Adjusting audio levels in a sequence
■ Working with the Audio Mixer

■ Sweetening sound with audio effects
■ Adjusting EQ
■ Applying effects in the Audio Mixer
■ Cleaning up noisy audio

■ Working with effects
■ Key framing effects
■ Effects presets
■ Frequently used effects

■ Color-oriented workflow
■ An overview of color-oriented effects
■ Fixing exposure problems
■ Fixing color balance
■ Specials color effects
■ Creating a look

■ An overview of the Titler window
■ Video typography essentials
■ Creating titles
■ Stylizing text
■ Working with shapes and logos
■ Making text roll and crawl

■ Launching After Effects, and creating new projects
■ Understanding and navigating the After Effects interface
■ Customizing settings, Preferences, and Work spaces
■ Importing and organizing footage
■ Creating Compositions
■ Working with Layers: The art of compositing
■ Understanding Layer types
■ Animating Layers with the Transform properties
■ Adding, editing, and animating effects
■ Understanding the Timeline
■ Optimizing performance in After Effects
■ Previewing, rendering, and exporting a Composition

■ After Effects: What it is (and is not)
■ Films are using after effect as a prime tool
■ What we can achieve using after effects
■ The After Effects enterprise workflow
■ Integrating After Effects with other file formats
■ Linked media: Organizing your Projects
■ Tips and best practices for After Effects Projects

·         Introduction to YouTube.
·         YouTube Environment Learning.
·         Channel Creation.
·         Channel Keyword Setup.
·         Unique Video Upload.
·         Creating Video Tag.
·         Adding Video Description.
·         Audio Setting.
·         Video info and Setting.
·         Video End Screen, Video Card, Playlist, Link, and Annotations.
·         Video thumbnail.
·         Video Marketing.
·         Channel Monetization with Google AdSense.

■ Adobe Premiere Pro
■ Adobe After Effect
■ Camtasia
■ Pro show producer
■ VideoScribe
■ Wondershare Filmora
■ Audacity
■ Balabolka

■ Overview of export options
■ Exporting single frames
■ Exporting a master copy
■ Working with Adobe Media Encoder
■ Exchanging with other editing applications
■ Recording to tape

■ The File menu
■ Using the Project Manager
■ Final project management steps
■ Importing projects or sequences
■ Managing collaboration
■ Managing your hard drives

Upwork/ Fiverr.
Creating an Account.
Upwork readiness and Others Test.
How to write a cover letter.
How to Bid on Upwork.
How to Use time tracker.
How to communicate with clients.
How to create a gig in Fiverr.
Promote Fiverr gig.
Buyer request.
How to withdraw money from Marketplace.
Payment Method.
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