Top 15 software company in bangladesh 2020

The software has been a prime element of technology. Nowadays, in the digital world, the software has become a highly dominant part of a business and our practical life. Most software company in Bangladesh offers services that relate to the advancement, maintenance, and evolution of software utilizing in diverse steps.

Most of the effectual businesses take advantage of software as an entire part of their system. Software companies invent software that guides the business to a new level. They promote helpful software in maximizing the sales and services of a company. The developed software of companies gives a position to the customers for making a simple ingress with the service providers to strengthen the relationship with customers.

In Bangladesh, the software business is upgrading day by day. Several top software companies are grooming nowadays. After getting a large list of software companies in Chittagong and Dhaka following software companies are as below randomly.


CHANGE TECH is one of the top software companies on the cutting edge of technology while building fame as a trusted resource in its universe. They deal with small & medium enterprises, growing brands, and establishing an IT company in Bangladesh.

Hundred percent of client satisfaction is their main motto. They have a unique pool of software development and digital marketing professionals having years of experience in providing the best software solution in Bangladesh. Apart from the software solution, they also offer android app development, website development, e-commerce solution, digital marketing, PPC, and Facebook ads services.

Tiger IT

Tiger IT is known for its quality services in key technology, and useful arrangements. To serve national scale IT solutions, Tiger IT comprises its expertise and learning efficiency. It belongs to profound knowledge in biometrics fact engaging huge population. Tiger IT gives warder sustainable solutions that meet international standards. It is having a proven ability to bear national projects worldwide.

Tiger IT is experienced in dealing with a large amount of sensitive data and in managing the difficulty related to large-scale projects. Tiger IT serves various national IT infrastructure undertakings ranging from NID, Border control, Voter registration, driving license to vehicle registration and tracking as well as E-passport. Besides, it provides a highly specialized system comprising identity governance, identity and access management solutions to large organizations. I.e. multinational companies, banks, and telecom companies. It has 18+ years of experience in biometric research and highly skilled professionals are contributing worldwide with extensive expertise.

Magnito Digital

The fastest-growing software company with a team of more than 90 professionals is Magnito Digital. Their unconventional company culture made them famous and their massive set up expertise lets them deliver services at an incomparable scale. They have constructed leading brands in the digital space by working with the largest clients in Bangladesh.

They have developed and deployed significant digital content with the right audience. Magnito Digital became the Digital Agency of the year 2015, 2016, & 2017 in the rest of the South Asia category. They have Magnito labs as their mix, which uses the expertise, knowledge, and network of their agency business. Their belief is that innovation and technology, in the coming years, must drive the sustainable growth of Magnito Digital.


NewsCred has a mission to make marketing easier for people. They have two types of marketing.

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Integrated marketing

They are the world leader in enterprise content marketing. The world’s top brands believe its innovative technology, unrivaled expertise, and remarkable content offerings. Newscred found in 2008 and served hundreds of clients in more than seventy countries from seven global offices.

Their expertise will bring your content marketing and integrated marketing programs to the next way of aging. Buyer journey mapping, SEO, governance, globally integrated planning; operational efficiency benchmarking and Centre of excellence set up are their focus areas. Best is their writers in the business with perfect industry experience and learning your business inside and out is easy for their strategists.

South Tech Ltd

One of the largest companies in Bangladesh is South Tech Ltd. It has obtained productive growth and fulfillment that caused to spread of its footprint beyond Bangladesh. The Group consists of six companies across five countries currently. Financial and enterprise software solutions of the company are available for banks, NBFIs, MFIs, MFBs, large multi-branch retailers, hospitals, recruitment firms, and restaurants.

The financial sector includes Bhutan Development Bank, Pact Global Microfinance Fund and BRAC are its key customers. South Tech Ltd. makes sure the integrity and security of client data letting smooth data access to versatile functions used by different business units of an organization.


The first CMMI Level 5 software development Company in Bangladesh is Datasoft. It launched its journey on April 24, 2014, and presented its new era in the IT industry. It has been working with some missions are as follows-

Maintaining the working software solution provider making sure the advantages of customers, employees, and shareholders.

To develop a particular competence in project management and strategy development

Proclaiming, taking advantage and improving the significant knowledge, expertise and experience of their people.


A leading software development company is Leadsoft that offers software products, offshore software development, software consultancy, and professional outsourcing. Leadsoft covers banks, non-banks, life insurance, pharmaceutical products serving ISVs and small- and medium-sized enterprises. Mostly, 100 clients at 500+ sites are in Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark, and Norway of the company.

Their immolation to quality service has led them to acquire CMMI Level 5. They trust the acquirement indicates that their organization has also arrived at a higher level. They have effectively accomplished software development on web platforms, desktop and distributed for a wide range of customers using Microsoft net technology.

REVE Systems

This company launched its journey in 2003 with a focused approach to offer the IP based communication industry.

It is a private company serving software solutions for the telephony and IP telephony industry worldwide. The headquarter of the company is in Singapore. It is operating in over 78 countries and employs over 1000 employees. They developed an automated billing solution for VoIP calls made which was titled “iTel Billing” which started officially in 2005. REVE Systems is effectively working with E-governance to serve the government of Bangladesh.

Brain Station23

Brain station23 is a software-based company in Bangladesh that serves customized web applications, mobile software development, and enterprise both domestic and worldwide. In 2006, CEO, Raisul Kabir launched Brain station23 after he became graduated. The company firstly concentrate on the international market adding domestic market in 2010. From then onwards, the company has appeared in steady growth and presently is working with 200 plus software Engineers. Brain station23 is not only a successful settled company in our country but in other countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, USA, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, the Middle East, and Turkey.

Kaz Software

Kaz software is such a top software company in Bangladesh, which makes and innovates unique software products. Making software better, faster, budget and within time is their main objective. They have contributed to starting up 500 enterprises all over the world. They give empiric, applied and powerful solutions to customers. As a software development outsourcing company, they are able to make a difference in a competitive software market.


BJIT is a top-level leading Software Company in Bangladesh that never goes beyond quality services. Their working environment is enthralling comparing to other IT companies. The company is contributing to quality software solutions from small to large companies. They have been working for 18+ years with more than 600 engineers and completed 1000+ projects serving seven countries in the world.

This company provides impeccable quality to the software solution. They have versatile engineers with the joint venture experience. Their customers are from the USA, Europe, and Japan. They have an offshore model and it gives them a chance to greatly reduce the cost of software development for you with lower charges.

Ultimate IT Solution

Ultimate IT Solution is one of the top software and web application development companies in Bangladesh. Their suitable automation services given by Ultimate IT Solution make sure to cover all your business requirements. Ultimate IT solution has highly experts, experienced professionals, super-efficient, user-friendly and cost-effective through which the company created a tremendous image in 17 sectors in Bangladesh.

It is also expanded in online marketing, security device solution and IT training courses. Their main motto is to accelerate and raise the business efficiency of their clients through the intelligent application of automation techniques. They not just develop the software but ensure that it is perfectly embedded within your company strategy.

Software Development in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Software Developments (BSD) is one of the top software companies in Bangladesh to serve quality web services from small to large businesses competing in the digital world. They belong to the experience and expertise to assist web entrepreneurs in approaching their customers through the digital space.

Their main objective is to cooperate business owners in establishing their online presence without the overbearing challenges posed by technology. They trust in minimizing the effort from the client and maximizing the value of services provided. They possess various departments in their company as follows:

  • Business Development Team
  • Software Development Team
  • Website Development Team
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tele Marketing Team
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Networking Team
Extreme Solutions

Strong pragmatic skills are the core assets of Extreme Solution. The engineers are experienced both in development platforms and in business domains. The Extreme Solution is a popular software company delivering excellent technology solutions from small to large businesses. The company is particular for business-supervision software development services in desktop & web application technology. It is famous as an industry-leading software company that relied on Microsoft technology in Bangladesh.

Extreme Solution is a firm with a life-cycle capacity of software development that has served excellent solutions for 10+ years. Providing with all the ways of enterprise solutions- right from system learning, training, implementation, testing, benchmarking, developments, consultancy, and after-sales services. Versatile experienced meritorious software development engineers assisted the company to be as one of the large software development companies in Bangladesh.

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd

Dream71 Bangladesh Ltd is one of the innovative companies in Bangladesh. This company developing a mobile application, game development, as well as software development. To introduce their newness they portray a tagline is “if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

In software technology game development, mobile applications as well as web application companies in Bangladesh intending to innovate a new standard. As the most eminent and updated company, it serves software and IT-related issues. It launched its journey in 2014 primarily so that it can put a mark in the fast-growing software and gaming industry of the country. Dream71 Bangladesh has been able to attract the mind of the common people with its improvement in quality services and to grow as one of the top software companies in Bangladesh.

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