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Software’s are now necessary to complete tasks is everywhere. Even if you add schools in the lists, Software’s are necessary for their case too. The software for schools is called Best school management software. Not only for schools, but this software can also be used for colleges, universities. That means in all types of education centers. A school management software is designed to help education centers to have paperless administration. This software has the ability to maintain the academic history of a student, teachers’ and students’ profile, utility lists, bills, results etc. All in all, having a school management software is like keeping all the records of a school at the same place.

Our software has institution related all feature like Student information, Result, Accounts, Attendance,class routine, exam routine, Examination, Grade book, Hostel, Transport, Library, School year Calendar, Event and Holiday info, Teacher information, Teacher salary, Class schedule, human resource management, inventory management, institution account management, batch and session management and many more.

School Management System Features:

Student Management
Student Info Management
Student Attendance
Manage Class Routine
Manage Exam Routine
Attendance SMS Notification
Class Schedule SMS Notification
Exam Schedule SMS Notification
Result SMS Notification
Custom SMS Notification
Teacher Info Management
Teacher Salary Management
Student Fee Management
Student Fee Management Notification
Holiday Calendar
Library Management
Event Management
Campus wise shift Management
Report Card Management
Id card genarate
Manage Exam Marks
Manage Accounts Expense
Store and Inventory Management
Transport / Fleet management
HR and Payroll Managment
Database backup/restore (Management)
Complete Solutions for School Management Software System

What We Will Do For You:

  1. We will create the software according to your specifications.
  2. We will test the software before handing it over to you.
  3. Your software is only for you, it will be custom made and not given to anyone else.
  4. The software will be encrypted and secured.
  5. After handing over the software, if you face any problems, we will provide you with solutions.

So, what do you think? Are these features and our services are good enough for you? You can’t be sure about it until you talk to us personally. So Contact us now, and start making your dream software for your school, college, university or education center.

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