School Management Software


Technology is now required everywhere to complete tasks. Even if you add schools to the lists, for their case, technology is also required. Education technology is named Best School Management Technology. Not only for schools but for colleges, universities, this technology can also be used. That means in all sorts of centers of learning. School Management Software is designed to enable paperless administration of educational centers. This program has the ability to maintain the academic history of the record, service lists, expenses, grades, etc. of a student, teachers, and students. All in all, having a program for school management is like storing all school records in the same place.

School Management Software has all features related to the college, such as student information, grades, accounts, attendance, class routine, test routine, review, grade book, hostel, transportation, library, school year calendar, activity and holiday information, teacher information, teacher salary, class schedule, human resource management, inventory management, batch and session management organization.

School Management System Features:

Student Management
Student Info Management
Student Attendance
Manage Class Routine
Manage Exam Routine
Attendance SMS Notification
Class Schedule SMS Notification
Exam Schedule SMS Notification
Result SMS Notification
Custom SMS Notification
Teacher Info Management
Teacher Salary Management
Student Fee Management
Student Fee Management Notification
Holiday Calendar
Report Card Management
Id card generate
Manage Exam Marks
Manage Accounts Expense
Store and Inventory Management
Transport / Fleet management
HR and Payroll Management
Complete Solutions for School Management System