Pay Per Click PPC Service

A search engine result page (SERP) rates a keyword-targeted ad dependent on the highest cost-per-click (CPC) bid and performance score of the associated keyword. The value of single keywords that occur as part of a larger bidding system dictates the CPC.

ChangeTech PPC Marketing solutions are more than just a way to compete on keywords.

They focus on delivering traffic from the major networks of PPC companies, finding geographic areas that can produce more focused, less costly traffic transfer.


PPC administration is a systematic system that requires a great deal of research and analysis. So it’s important to choose an agency that provides eligible pay-per-click ads and delivers the full return on investment (ROI) for you.

At ChangeTech, we want to offer the visibility and attention it deserves to your company. Throughout Google Search ads, we utilize sophisticated and innovative methods as well as Bing and Yahoo. We’re keeping up-to-date on Google’s new Adword apps, so the project profits from them. In brief, we make sure that your company shows up with them when they need it, rather than making the clients search for you.

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Mobile Advertising:

Users are now browsing on mobile devices rather than other apps. So it’s possible to translate mobile ads into more taps. Yet lower costs are correlated with mobile ads. Mobile ads often allow the urgent, time-sensitive needs of customers or consumers to be supported. Most local search requests on mobile devices are specific and appealing for users. You will automate the mobile ad strategies through our committed PPC experts.

Search Marketing:

We guarantee that your company name is what they first see in the context of advertising search results as potential clients search for a keyword specific to your organization on a search engine. You are clicking on the outcome of your consumer and join your page, they will decide whether to make a transaction instantly or later.

Display Marketing:

Our advertising display solutions enable you to directly target related websites or applications that may be visiting or using your potential customers. For example, if your company is connected to education, your ad could be placed strategically in educational papers. That way, you can treat them according to their area of interest even if the clients don’t come looking for you.

Video Advertising:

Video advertising has always been a popular way of promoting a company. People watch YouTube, twitter, etc. for endless hours of video material. We put video ads ‘ power to work with your client. In this new technological age, we know the importance of video ads. So, we’re able to link to a deeper level right from the start with creative video ads.

The experts are able to establish a partnership, welcome the viewer and inform them of the intent of the advertisement visually.