Website design and development

Full Stack Web Development Course

The course starts with the basics and it’ll show you corporate executive tips to figure quickly and expeditiously with web technologies. Once you’ve got that bolted down, you’ll savvy to make your own responsive websites victimization latest techniques. By then you’ll be developing websites, and learn sensible ways to feature dynamic content.

As we tend to all understand, the simplest thanks to learn is to try to, thus you’ll complete fun website challenges at each flip. Plus, as you fly through the course, you’ll use your skills to place a website along as you go. the ultimate challenge maybe a full project.

Develop the skills you need to build websites from scratch. Learn how to use HTML, CSS, javascript, and jquery together to build beautiful, fully functional, state-of-the-art websites. The web’s cornerstones are HTML CSS and JavaScript.  These are the basic languages of every web page today, and all or variations of these core technologies are accessible on every website. We are providing the best Web design Course in Chittagong.

This course is perfect for anyone interested in learning about web design and web development. Knowing how to use these core technologies offers unlimited possibilities. This course will help you get started quickly and lay the basis for the basics of programming.

A front-end designer is a web designer that codes the front end of a website or web application. While website composition is how a website looks, front-end improvement is the way that plan gets executed on the web. By following this guideline, a user can easily learn how to make a website. He can follow some web design courses for a better understanding.

The pages of the web have several layers—structure, information, plan, substance, and usefulness. The web would be a residue bowl of HTML and “Under Construction” GIFs without front-end engineers taking the backend information and making a client confronting usefulness. By incorporating markup dialects, plans, contents, and structures, front-end designers establish the climate for all those clients see, snap, and contact.

Best Web Design Course in Chittagong

What else makes this Web Development Course different?

  • Create modern websites with HTML CSS and JavaScript
  • Develop web applications from scratch
  • Improved use of HTML CSS and JavaScript
  • Write more efficient web code
  • Basic Website design Concepts, Web Technologies, and Tools
  • Making a responsive website easily with bootstrap
Website design and development

What will you learn in this Web Development Course program?


HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4

Most of those who take part in the career track have a basic idea about these; So we did not want to make the syllabus bigger by inserting these in the main program. But we have created a separate course with html5, css3 and bootstrap4 so that those who have no idea about these three topics can also take part in this program. When you register for this program, you will have access to the main course as well as the html, css and bootstrap courses! The bottom line: If you don’t have any coding in advance, you can still participate in this program.

Web Application Development with PHP & Laravel Framework


The most common PHP framework is Laravel.   ChangeTech BD offers the best practice in the PHP framework. The main goal of this course is to improve skill development in the Web / Software Development industry. In particular, the implementation of an industry-driven system to facilitate professional career development. Nowadays, with Laravel, most of the large-scale, scalable web application is being created, and Bangladesh is also becoming popular.


JavaScript & jQuery

Our long journey will start with JavaScript and jQuery! You will learn all the necessary concepts of JavaScript and jQuery including Fundamental Concepts, Object Oriented Programming, ES5, ES6, DOM, AJAX, JSON, API, and do three projects with them. You will find in this section the solid foundations and confidence needed to learn JavaScript frameworks and libraries.

React Redux

React for Frontend Development

For the front end, we’ve chosen REACT, the world’s most demanding JavaScript library. In this section you will learn how to develop powerful and scalable web applications using React, Redux, Router and Modern JavaScript, from scratch. Learning to learn different components of React, single page application, responsive user interface, animation, client-server communication, etc. can be a project; And another project after learning!


React Native for Multiplatform App Development

In this section, you will learn truly multiplatform application development by developing a completely native mobile app and connecting the code of the web with it. Here again, we will project a mobile app to discuss all the necessary concepts of REACT NATIVE; And another project at the end of the discussion. After learning React with Redux, if you learn React Native, you will undoubtedly go a long way in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and confidence!


SQL for Database

Learn all the ins and outs of SQL in this section! Create tables in the database, update and delete data, import data through query; LIMIT, WHERE and JOIN Statement; Primary and Secondary Key – In addition to learning these useful concepts, you will also learn how to connect to MySQL Server using Python and run Query. You no longer have to worry about working with databases while backing up and developing a website!

django with React

React with Django REST API

You have learned a lot from coming to this section, now you have to sort it out. In this section, you will learn how to create a complete website using Django’s REST API and connect it back to the front end and deploy it to the server. It can be said that your full-stack journey will be completed through this section. As always, what you will learn in this section, you will learn by hand through the project!


Backend Development with Django

Now you will learn to do a complete backend and development of the website using Django. That is, working with databases, templates, URLs, forms and modals; Arranging user authentication; After learning everything including payment gateways, multimedia, REST API, virtual environment and deployment, you will learn to do three complete projects in Django Framework.

Who is that this course for?

Those who want to learn new software development, web and mobile application development.

Or those who can already do something but want to learn a new stack, or gain confidence by practicing more and more.

Can beginners do it?

Complete beginners can also learn full-stack development by joining this program.

If you don’t have a technical background or don’t have any coding in advance, you can still participate in this program!

What else do you need?

A computer and internet connection (better if broadband) is required.

The software required for the computer will be shown inside the course, no need to worry in advance. No worries about the version!

Web Development Training Modules

Module OneWeb Structure, Content & Presentation10 Hrs
Module TwoWeb Behavior10 Hrs
Module ThreeObject Oriented PHP14 Hrs
Module FourDatabase Server9 Hrs
Module FiveLaravel Framework28 Hrs
Module SixProject Work (E-commerce Site)14 Hrs

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