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One meal may be missed, but not Facebook. Facebook has emerged today as the world’s most popular social platform for Internet users. It has the benefit of a massive user base and all love to keep up with the latest trends and stories. Facebook has actually revolutionized the very structure of modern society as one of the greatest social transformers of today’s society. No company, whether big or tiny, will give up the opportunity for all its powerful elements to advance its products or services on Facebook Advertising. Facebook has gained an influential room on internet users ‘ lives. Facebook is a widely popular tool that represents users ‘ lives by sharing details, photos, problems, small and large accomplishments in their lives across the pages. This way people are closely linked, use Facebook Marketing Services, you can be sure to reach the largest audience. With the facility with different tools and techniques for business users, exchanging news and information through clients and communicating directly with them is evolving as a successful business forum.

WHY Facebook Advertising IS IMPORTANT?

Facebook has approximately 21,000,000 Bangladesh registered users who every day like, post, and comment on links

77 percent of B2C businesses, large and small, have created leads via Facebook.

77% of customers are more willing to do business with a company that uses social media such as Twitter as its CEO.

Inbound leads are costing as much as 61 million less than the outbound option, such as what social media marketing produces.

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