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Computer training involves services, companies, and resources given to help educate users on computer-related topics. Computer trainer instructs and helps users achieve skills in a wide array of areas, including, database management, software, hardware, networking, programming and more. Training on computer-related topics computer-training centers are playing a significant role so far.

There are plenty of computer training centers in Chittagong. However, some are the best computer training centers are as follows.

Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC), Chittagong
Bangladesh Computer Council is a famous computer-training center in Chittagong monitored by govt. for inspiring and giving support for ICT related activities in Bangladesh. BCC is entitled to the responsibility to grow ICT and its uses. BCC has commenced the program known as “Guiding Standard Computer Training Course in Divisional Headquarters” in order to develop the usage of computer and information technology.

They offer two types of computer training courses, i.e. a long course and some short courses.

The long course is Diploma in Information and Communication Technology (DICT) and the short courses are Introduction to Computer Application Packages and Unicode Bangla (ICAP) (84Hr), Introduction to Computer Application Packages & Unicode Bangla under Women in Development (WID) (84Hr), Computer Hardware Maintenance & Troubleshooting (60Hr), Website Design & Web Applications Development (75Hr), Data Communication & Networking (75Hr),  Graphics Design & Multimedia (Animation, Audio, Video, Photo Editing) (75Hr), and Database Application Development using Oracle (150Hr).

Moreover, BCC organizes and offers special training batches for professionals or the collection of trainees on demand.

BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM), Chittagong
BITM is the national trade figure for the IT & Software Aided Service industry of Bangladesh. It is the computer-training center of BASIS. To fill the gap of the HR requisite of the IT industry, BITM is functioning with it. BITM offers various courses to encounter the challenges of the constant change of platform and technology.

BITM has been offering training courses in the expanded area ranges Mobile Platform to the web platform. Industry experts and practitioners review and design all the course materials of BITM. They offer an extensive series of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular actions.

Moreover, BITM has been playing a crucial role for years to make the unemployed skilled and alleviate unemployment. BITM offers various courses like Software Testing & Quality Assurance, Certificate Course on Android App Development with Java SE, Professional Web Development, Microsoft Office courses, IT Security & Ethical Hacking and so on.

Free training courses in chittagong
Govt. free training course has a significant impact on youth generation, unemployed and woman. Free education offered by govt. is ensuring the required skill of a user. Some training center offers free training courses funded by govt like BITM, Chittagong city corporation computer institute, NIT, and, TTC. These training centers are offering several skill-based training to the users, i.e. BITM train with professional web development course, certificate course on android app development, and IT security and ethical hacking.

Besides, NIT train the users with basic computer courses like Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, graphics design and Photoshop. TTC offers outsourcing courses to users. However, Chittagong city corporation computer institute is a large training-based institute that offers versatile computer training programs like Advance Diploma in Software Engineering, Certificate in Graphics Design, Diploma in Computer Studies, Advance Diploma in Network & Security, Diploma in Graphics & Multimedia, and Certificate in Computer Studies.

Chittagong City Corporation Computer Institute
Chittagong city corporation computer institute is an outstanding establishment as a computer-training center in Chittagong.  There are five campuses in the city. Highly educated teachers & trainers, even teachers with foreign degrees for these institutes and campuses train the students.

It is the leading IT education Institute in Bangladesh. This training center runs diverse needed Computer courses. Bangladesh Technical Education Board affiliates Computer Institute. They arrange the training with Excellent Educational Environment, personal care, Air Conditioned Class Room, Systematic & Structured Exam and Internet facility.

Daffodil Institute of IT, Chittagong
It is the most prominent computer-training center in Chittagong. The training center train with some short IT courses as follows:

  • Android application development
  • Professional graphic design
  • Professional web designing
  • Basic application course
  • Professional web development
  • NCC
  • Networking
  • Linux with ISP setup
  • An object-oriented technique using JAVA

The training center launched its journey as a common computer-training center in 1990. DIIT got reward internationally quite a few times for its student’s talent performance in the exams. Every year their students acquire “Roll of Honor” for their result in the global exams and in the merit list of diverse Honors Programs under National University amongst all University colleges in Bangladesh.

Creative IT institute, Chittagong
Creative IT is a computer-training center in Chittagong where enabling the users for an outstanding standard of knowledge is what you need. They attempt for the constant progress of their leaders who will work for making a better future.

The training center is devoted to aiding the quality training programs under ISO 9001: 2015 certification that notes us in the IT world. They will carry on to share their understanding of contributing to the achievement of individuals and to help society with the finest interest. The training center offers some courses for the users as follows:

  • Graphic Design Training
  • Digital Marketing Training
  • Web & Software Training
  • Networking Training
  • 3D Animation & Visualization Training
  • Cyber Security Training

The number of their equipped computer Lab is seven and the theory classroom is five with 100 skilled trainers. They could organize a 120-consciousness workshop per year with 6000 participants.

New Horizons, Chittagong
New Horizon Chittagong is the largest computer-training center in Chittagong that offers varieties of computer training like Technical Skills Courses – Designed to advance your IT skills, web design and development, Microsoft office, Diploma in computer fundamentals, and Microsoft technical courses.

After learning the skills in New Horizon, the user directly utilized 75% of the skills learned among the first six months of the job. 98% of New Horizon customers would advise the programs to others. Last 30 years, they have carried a full series of technology and business abilities training through groundbreaking learning methods that have converted businesses and aided over 40 million students to grasp their goals. Their worldwide network helps as a network to always provide the amplest content everywhere and every time it is necessary. They flawlessly incorporate learning into a worker’s key job tasks.

BEACON IT is one of the dedicated computer training centers for IT professionals and outsourcing training in Chittagong. They are offering Career learning specialized training in Chittagong since 2008. BEACON IT provides a full series of technology-based training from simple application and desktop output tools to tough systems.

BEACON IT serves a wide series of technical, desktop application courses for total levels of computer users. Worth learning is vital to training and certification. Their prerequisites are skilled team, professional courses, special care, lowest cost, standard computer lab, build-up career, and multi-talented instructors.

New Vision Information Technology(NVIT)
NVIT is one of the best computer training centers in Chittagong. NVIT has delivered 25 thousand plus trainees comprising Corporate Officials & govt. an institution with industry-leading technical training that carries the most related and instinctive computer courses and certifications for 18 years.

They train courses like Microsoft networking, Microsoft programming, video editing, web development, web design, graphic design, Microsoft office, networking, CCNA, and JAVA. Their job is to offer mobilized HR development solutions in IT to the groups in which they exist. Their intention is to aid individuals, organizations, and economies to improve on modern technologies in the quest for attainment and prosperity.

Expert 3 Computers
As a computer training center, Expert 3 computers are playing a vital role in the computer world. They offer computer repair services in Chittagong. They sell fresh and used computer structures. Their wing of Minor Business Web Design experts can exactly form and demonstrate your services.

They will work with your company to consider your whole list of services that will best support your business in the most active way. Their Computer courses involve Microsoft Access Internet and Email, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, Illustrator, and so on.

National Youth Training Academy(NYTA)
NYTA is govt. affiliated largest and first computer training center in Chittagong. The training center offers a variety of courses like as follows:

  • Certificate Course in Computer Application
  • Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Diploma in Multimedia & Animation
  • Diploma in Computer Graphics
  • Diploma in Computer Internet & Web Design
  • Higher Diploma in Auto CAD
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware & Software Engineering
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
  • Higher diploma in computer hardware & software engineering
Best Computer Training Center In Chittagong
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Best Computer Training Center In Chittagong
There are plenty of computer training centers in Chittagong. Training on computer-related topics computer-training centers are playing a significant role so far. Changetech helps you to find the best training center centers.
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