Affiliate Marketing Course in Chittagong


Online affiliate marketing implies advertising based on performance that compensates sales representatives and publishers only on the basis of the number of sales, mostly the individual sales unit cost. By registering publishers, a company sells its products for a commission on every sold unit to its followers and customers. The Affiliate Marketing program will teach students how to use the affiliate marketing registry, affiliate marketing channels and how to optimize affiliate marketing commissions.

Course Duration

3 months 30-36 Classes

Course Fee

10000 BDT

Key Features:

  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing Platforms
  • Enrolling in an Affiliate Marketing Program
  • Tips and tricks to improve affiliate Marketing
  • Types of Affiliate Marketing
  • Setting Up affiliate Marketing Program

Contents of Training:

– History of Affiliate Marketing
– Frequently asked questions about Affiliate Marketing
– The basis of Affiliate Marketing
– How Affiliate Marketing works
– Affiliate Program payment methods
– Cookies and Affiliates
– Tiered Affiliate Marketing
– Cross selling and up selling
– Multi tier marketing and commissions
– List of affiliate marketing software

– Affiliate marketing with Commission Junction
– Affiliate Marketing with Linkshare
– Affiliate Marketing with One Network Direct
– Affiliate Marketing with ShareASale
– Affiliate Marketing with Plimus
– Affiliate Marketing with Amazon Associates
– Affiliate Marketing with Flexoffers
– Affiliate Marketing with clickbank
– Affiliate Marketing with Commission Soup
– Affiliate Marketing with Local affiliate Programs

– Signing up as an Affiliate
– Logging into your affiliate account
– Integrating Affiliate Links into your websites
– Monitoring affiliate performance and tracking sales

– Affiliate Links and how to deal with them
– Promoting your affiliate program
– Overcoming the challenges of affiliate marketing
– Performing market analysis and market research
– Market strategies Establishment
– Affiliate Marketing and organic Search Optimization

– Search affiliates
– Price comparison service website
– Loyalty websites
– Cause-related and coupon websites
– Content and niche market website

– Personal weblogs and website syndicates
– Email marketing and shopping directories
– Registration or co-registration affiliates
– File sharing affiliates

– How to attract affiliates
– Hosting and implementing an affiliate program
– Growing your Affiliate Numbers
– Setting up an affiliate program
– Affiliate network service agreement
– Data feeds and customer returns
– Merchants/publisher management
– Setting up an Affiliate Marketing software
– Affiliate program promotion and content pages
– Screen affiliates
– Combating affiliate fraud

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