Advanced Android Apps Development Course

The Android OS is that the world’s preferred mobile platform. The proliferation of smartphones and also the quality of the android platform have meant that there’s a large demand for developers who will develop apps on Android OS. With over one billion Android devices already activated, this represents an excellent chance for developers.

ChangeTech’s coaching on android App development won’t only offer you knowledge of the clean necessities however conjointly an in-depth end-to-end understanding of design and implementation.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of developing apps on the Android Platform, and acquire sensible, active information in getting started with the varied tools and ideas, principles and patterns, required in developing ready to market android apps.

Android Apps Development refers to the creation of computer applications for use on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. Mobile device features such as cameras, motion, and location awareness can be used to create unique and inventive mobile-only applications for things such as taxi and bike-sharing.”

Mobile devices typically have popular apps for searching, browsing, and social media preinstalled and users can download and install additional apps from Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS). Mobile applications are designed and built for different operating systems and developers will want to learn how to build for both the Android operating system and Apple’s iOS.

This android apps development course will help learners to effectively implement core Java programming languages features & code trends needed to develop stable mobile apps consisting of core Android elements, as well as simple Java I / O & persistence mechanisms.

The android apps development project CapStones will combine resources from the entire field to exercise and assess trainees ‘ skill in previous MOOCs to build a useful Android app, including Java programming features, android studio tools, components for Android Activity, materials layout, I / O file, and persistence information, unit tests, and code patterns.

The project also includes a full computer program. Nevertheless, it will offer less skeleton code for design goals than previous MOOCs to help the student to be more innovative and encourage the learner to modify the task. The project itself is similar to previous assignments.

What else makes this Android Apps Development course different?

  • The use of android development tools like Eclipse, Android Studio, DDMS, Drawables, Listeners, and also the android SDK to make your terribly own apps.
  • Learn how to use completely different Layouts and Widgets.
  • Debugging tools and also the operating of android SDK to feature permissions to your app.
  • The use of Audio, Video, Services, and Notifications to boost user expertise.
  • Understand the way to make applications using SQLite database.
  • At the end of this training, you’d be prepared with a making application which might be published on Google Play.
Android App Development Course

What Will You Learn In This Android Apps Development Course Program?

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in JAVA

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) concept in JAVA

Here we learn you how to create Class and its Object, how class properties are initialized with parameterized Constructor. Why should we overload Constructors. Learn Collections in Java, why they are more useful than Arrays. Inheritance, why can we want Inheritance, relationship between a superclass and a child class. Method overriding – modify your code with Run Time Polymorphism. Learn Abstract Classes and Methods, Singleton Class with factory method, the magic of ‘static’ and ‘final’.

Introduction to Android

Introduction to Android

Hre you learn about Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and Platform specification, various SDK versions, Android Studio IDE. And Learn how Android projects are constituted, how Design and Logic parts are separated to build a scalable and extendable project. Manifest and other Resource files. And Gradle a powerful build tool which builts Android projects. Android applications are organized as a set of parts. A dynamic instance of a part corresponds to an application set that may be executed independently of the others. So, in many ways, an android application is thought of as a set of interacting parts.

User Interface and Navigation

User Interface and Navigation

You learn how to design your app screens with Layouts and Widgets, how to handle Events like Click and Touch. Then you learn how to design effective navigation.
Learn how to create swipe views with Tab, like the Phone app in your smartphone, how to create Menu, Pop up Dialogs and custom Dialogs, how to create Searching Interface, search anything with suggestions. And Learn how to create Notifications, send a direct reply through Notification like any messaging application.

Android Activity

Android Activity

You learn different states of an Activity, how activities are affected during its lifecycle, how to hold states/data within the activity, handle situations like configuration changes (Portrait to Landscape and vice versa). Then learn how to pass data from one activity to another. How to interact with other applications, create an App which can Call/Dial a number, send an SMS or view a website by using pre-built applications. And Learn how to launch Camera from your app, take pictures, scale down and display.

Android Apps Services

Services, Threading, and Handler

Here you learn how to create worker thread to do heavy/long running tasks, how to download an image, show progress in a ProgressBar using AsyncTask API, how to GET and POST data from remote server using Web APIs, learn how Retrofit can optimize your network operation by doing tasks asynchronously.
And how to play Music in background using Service. Learn why Intent Service is more efficient for tasks which you want to be done for once, how to check if your phone is connected to a network, how to pass data to different applications.

Ms Access !! Database

Storage System

Introduction to SQLite Database, SQLiteOpenHelper and working with DB. Then you work with CursorLearn on how to save data inside your app database, query any data, update and delete information from database, how to save your login session (you don’t have to login every time you launch your app). How to create and manage Firebase Cloud Real-Time Database, register/login using Firebase Authentication. Then learn how to put any file on Firebase Cloud Storage.

Local SEO

Google Play Services

Figure out how to stack a Map, see your present area on Map, add Markers to Map, how to look through close-by areas like restaurants, cafes-bistros, and so on, and show them to Map. Figure out how to channel your pursuit, how to compute the distance between two areas. And how to show heading on Map between two areas. You can likewise get elective courses, travel time for driving, strolling, bicycling and so on. Then how to change over Latitude/Longitude to road address and the other way around utilizing Geocoding and opposite Geocoding API. And how to get informed naturally when you check in a specific spot.

Why Should You Learn Android Apps Development

Countless handheld frameworks, for example, smart phones and tablets today run on the Android stage and the number is developing.

The Android Platform is sponsored by industry pioneers like Google and will stay the foundation of decision for a larger part of Mobile gadgets.

All driving associations are putting vigorously in Mobile improvement as phones and tablets become an essential piece of our life.

By seeking after our course you will figure out how to fabricate great applications for phones and tablets and become part of the versatile upheaval and of Android’s future.

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Android Apps Development Training Modules

Module OneAndroid2 Hrs
Module TwoEstablishment of Development Environment4 Hrs
Module ThreeBuilding Block & User Interface10 Hrs
Module FourMenu, Sub-Screen, Dialog & Action Bar8 Hrs
Module FiveSQLite Database10 Hrs
Module SixServices, Threading and Handler14 Hrs
Module SevenWorking with Web Services14 Hrs
Module EightExploring Maps & Location-Based Service14 Hrs

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